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Volgarr the Viking Review

There often comes a time when something magical appears out of nowhere and quickly battles its way straight to your heart – this is what we said in our Pre-release Preview of Volgarr the Viking. We now have our hands on the final copy which gamers can buy on steam… and what we said, still stands.


Volgarr the Viking, a 2D side-scoller made by Indie developer Crazy Viking Studios, Volgarr the Viking, a 2D side-scroller made by Indie developer Crazy Viking Studios (yes, we think that name is awesome too) was a kickstarter game that currently runs on an Alpha Build. We got given a pre-release press preview of the game thanks to the devs. The game feels much like games from the past like Shinobi and Castlevania. This may be influenced as the developers previously worked on the 3DS version of Shinobi, which was an excellent game! Crazy Viking Studios claim that they have taken inspiration from their favourite games which include: Super Ghouls and Ghosts and the original Castlevania. Meaning that Volgarr will allow you to relive the memories that may have faded along with the cases of the NES cartridges; but with a brand new AAA styled, epic soundtrack, new combat system and a fantastic art style that will make you grin till you sleep.


The games main theme is that it is extremely difficult. This is a deliberately placed way of playing the game by the developers. When asking Kris over at Crazy Viking Studios what he thought about the fantastic indie game and its extremely difficult levels. When telling Kris that we found the game difficult at times he explained with this:

Miyamoto, from Nintendo has said that when a player dies they should be set back a ways to replay areas they are familiar with to build confidence before returning to the part of the game they struggled with. Most modern games spoil this with checkpoints before every challenge. By not spoiling the game with frequent checkpoints in the end makes players feel better and more satisfied with the game in the long run, while potentially frustrated up front with limited exposure to the game. Imagine if all you did was die over and over at the same difficult spot, minus getting to play the game for a bit to reset your brain and get a breather? That would be horrible, most people would quit playing it! There are statistics out there that say most modern console games are rarely beaten by the average person due to this very fact.


Your playable Volgarr will collect visible power-ups, displayed as wearable gear on your character, that is lost when you are hit. This eliminates the necessity for their to be any HUD or health bar, placing all the focus on the game itself. These shields, helmets, armour and swords are all amazing and feel satisfying when worn. The loss of this equipment often leads to you restarting the level in order to collect and keep it again. One awesome weapon that is given to you is a spear. This spear can be used to kill off enemies at long distance but can also be used as platforms that would keep hold in the wall that you could jump off of. Ultimately this game gives you a sense of fulfillment and constantly reminds you that Volgarr is a badass!


So does the game being difficult take away from the experience? Well actually no. Frustration and annoyance at game is not present when constantly dying. Instead you will take it as an opportunity to improve your skill and movement control in order to kill all the enemies. This sense of improving gives you every reason to kill hours on this fantastically rewarding side-stroller.

Volarr the Viking is now on steam for £8.29 (in the UK) as a promotional saving from release until the 20th September. We highly recommend this game to all gamers as it is easily one of the best indie games we will be seeing this year. 5 stars is deserving for this kiss-ass game!


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